Testimony from COABE 2017 Runner-up Administrator of the Year Kathryn B. Thompson
"Susan Bernard’s 'I’m Not Afraid…Anymore' books are based on her own experience in the classroom working with adult students. Listening to her talk about how she developed the materials to meet the needs of her own students, I knew right away that these would be great for our students as well. Sure enough, we have found them to be very helpful and a great tool for students of all levels! Plus, the price is right. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed." - Kathryn B. Thompson, CFRE, Executive Director of Tarrant Literacy Coalition, Fort Worth, TX
Testimonies from Math Teachers
"I felt lost with the math on the new GED® practice test, but now with your GED® book, I'm having fun teaching algebra again. Thanks, Susan." - Janie Davis, GED Tutor for the Pioneer Library System, Shawnee, Oklahoma
Math Manipulatives
"We started the class yesterday with your Pre-HSE math and the hands-on-activities, and it was fun. This is just what our program needed! It is a great product." - Pat Johnson, Center of Hope, Weatherford, Texas
"I purchased the HSE math book at the HiSET® Conference last year in New Orleans, and it was the best $20 I ever spent! Three of my students had failed the math test twice before, but after studying your book, all three of them passed on their next try!" - Mary Dugas, Lafayette Parish School System, Louisiana
Lawrence Beasley
"My full-time job is in the medical field, but I wanted to "give back" to my community by teaching an evening HSE class. As a part-time teacher, Susan's books have kept me going. The lessons are easy to understand and easy to teach. My students love them and have often bought their own copies of the books to study at home. It's very rewarding to see so many of my students pass an HSE test." - Lawrence Beasley, HSE Math and Science Teacher at Oklahoma City Community College
"I met you at the HiSET® Conference in New Orleans, and I've been using your HSE math book. It is the best that I've found yet. One of my students also said that it was the most helpful book and that he really liked it. I'm looking forward to using them more after I receive my order." - Sister Marsha Tierney, St. Vincent de Paul Center, New Orleans, Louisiana
Testimony from an English Teacher
"In order to improve English writing skills or begin the process of obtaining a high school equivalency credential, 'I'm Not Afraid of English Anymore!' provides skills a student will need to master. Lessons are presented in a user-friendly way using color and graphics. The practice exercises offer repetition after each lesson, so the student can assess progress in the skills. This book has proven to be a valuable tool for students in my classes." - Pam Watts, Coordinator and Teacher, Oklahoma City Community College
Testimonies from Students Jessica Nelson
"Thanks to Susan Bernard's math books, I was able to complete the GED® program. Math was my worst subject, and now it is a strength. In one year, I have completed four fast track math classes including college algebra and calculus. I owe it all to the skills I learned from these wonderfully helpful books. I highly recommend them to everyone." - Jessica Nelson, GED® Graduate and Business Major at Oklahoma City Community College
Gary Akins
"I could not have passed my HiSET® test without Susan's math books. They helped me understand everything I was having problems with and made it easy to comprehend how to work all the math problems. I needed a score of 8 to pass, but I scored a 14 out of 20!" - Gary Akins, HiSET® Graduate
Meadow Hazelhoff
"When I found out that my original high school hadn’t been properly accredited (thus making my 15-year-old high school diploma invalid) my first thought was, “Sure I can take the GED® test, but how will I pass algebra? I don’t remember any of it!” I was extremely fortunate to meet Susan Bernard and her amazing series of ‘I’m Not Afraid of Math Anymore!’ books. I really was terrified of math! I’m not sure I would have had the confidence or the competence to have taken the GED® test and passed the math section without her well-written and informative books.
Two years later in the midst of my academic career I reached out yet again to Ms. Bernard for help in brushing up on those same skills and gaining new ones in order to earn my associate's degree. I’m proud to say that I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts and then Master's in Social Work from the University of Oklahoma. While at OU, I was awarded some of the highest honors, including Outstanding Senior in the Professional Programs award in 2015 as well as accepting a graduate research assistant position in order to work my way through graduate school. Had I not met someone who cared about her students’ success and who had developed training material that matched her excellence in teaching, I wonder if I would have made it past the first weeks of GED® class. Her books made me believe that I could do it, and I did!" - Meadow M. Hazelhoff, LMSW, MSW u/s